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Emergency Dentist in West Seattle, WA | West Seattle Family Dentistry

Dental Emergency

When you have a dental emergency, call West Seattle Family Dentistry immediately. There is always a dentist on call!

We want to help preserve your teeth and reduce pain until your appointment.


Pick up the tooth by the top/crown. Do NOT touch the root. Rinse the tooth carefully. If possible, you should place the tooth gently in the socket, otherwise place the tooth in a cup of milk; if no milk is available, a small container of water can also work. Keep the tooth wet!! This is one of those times when time is of the essence! Call right away!

Loose tooth / Tooth out of Alignment

Gently try to realign the tooth. We may splint the loose tooth to adjacent teeth to keep it stabilized.

Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth that doesn't hurt is not usually considered an emergency requiring immediate attention. However, be careful chewing so that symptoms don't get worse before we can restore your smile.

Cracked / Broken tooth

To increase the chances that your tooth can be saved, rinse your mouth with warm water, apply cold compress and take some Tylenol if needed for pain.

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